Envionmental Psychology

Shape Your Environment for Happiness!


"Environmental Psychology teaches you how to change your environment for joyous living!"

 Have you thought about how your environment makes you feel?

Does the physical universe surrounding you bring you peace, joy, and prosperity?

What can you do about your surroundings to improve your quality of life?

This website brings fresh ideas about Environmental Psychology in an experimental format. Follow the sections by number to explore solutions to help you:
bulletcreate an environment that supports your well-being
bulletenhance your environment for happiness 
bulletincrease your productivity and prosperity

Environmental Psychology Articles for you to ponder:

   1.  The Company You Keep

Nourish   2. Your Home Life in Nourishing Spaces

   3.  Your Business Life

4.   Your Life in Harmony with the Outdoors

   5.   Your Responsibility to the Environment

   6.  Place Identity

  7.  Architectural Psychology

What Is Environmental Psychology?

"Environmental psychology" studies include: architectural psychology, ecological psychology, environment-behavior studies, environmental design, environmental social sciences, environmental sociology, human-environment studies, socio-architecture, and social ecology. Environmental psychology research draws on work in a number of disciplines including anthropology, architecture, city planning, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology, and urban design. The formal descriptions below, for serious students, give you the academic description.

What's important to you?

Learn how the underlying psychology of your environment can help you live a joyous life full of prosperity and well-being.  What Is Environmental Psychology?


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A 29 Million Dollar Green House?

Environmental Design Psychology Ideas for Homemakers Innovative interior design trends blend nature-based details,  ecology concerns, and emotional well-being.

Green Building
Save Electricity
Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Green Homeowners Happy! Green Building
See the house saved from destruction on Flip That House
Saving houses helps save resources.

Stokols & Altman (1987): The study of human behavior and well-being in relation to the sociophysical environment.

Russell & Snodgrass (1987)
: The branch of Psychology concerned with providing a systematic account of the relationship between a person and the environment.

Bell, Fisher, Baum & Greene (1996):
The study of the molar relationships between behavior experience and the built and natural environments.

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