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Still Not Sold on Bamboo? Listen to this!

by Jeanette

Although bamboo is harder and more resistant to both moisture and termites, its also one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives for flooring, with the potential to replace a huge majority of the hardwood trees that are rapidly disappearing around the world. But that's not all bamboo has going for it. Here are some other advantages to using bamboo in your flooring situations.

Bamboo is one of the easiest types of flooring to install as a do-it-yourself project. It comes already sanded and finished, so there's no cloud of dust or messy stains to deal with, which is a big advantage to the average homeowner--and to professional installers, for that matter. That means that installation also goes much faster, so the family's lives aren't disrupted nearly as long.

Bamboo is also cost effective, making it an even more attractive alternative flooring material, especially when you consider how beautiful bamboo floors are. They're also tough and stable, regardless of whether they're used exposed to high humidity or extremely arid conditions. When given a UV coating, bamboo floors are highly resistant to fading, as well. Finally bamboo also doesn't absorb stains or dirt, so cleaning a bamboo floor is easy, usually only requiring a mop or sponge.

If you're searching for a tough, beautiful affordable floor that and can also help save the planet, check out bamboo. You won't be sorry!


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