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A 29 Million Dollar Green House?

by Jeanette Fisher

Frank McKinney talking about his 29 million dollar Green House and the homes surrounding the project. Some of the neighboring homes have price tags over 100 million dollars.
Frank McKinney builds mansions and humble houses. The multi-million dollar exquisite estates help fund The Caring House Project Foundation in Haiti, which feeds 15,000 people a day, supports an orphanage, and builds villages for families.

Currently under construction, the 29 Million Dollar Green House will be the largest Certified Green House in the world. The United States government and the state of Florida both have strict standards for houses to get the certification. Besides using environmentally friendly building materials, builders are encouraged to purchase materials locally to save shipping impact on the environment.

John Davies and Jeanette Fisher in Haiti with The Caring House Foundation


Of course, the location sets the value. This "Green House" comes with a front and back view. One side has the bay with boat slips for your motor yacht and sailing ship.



The other view is priceless. Well, almost. The fortunate homeowners will enjoy the view while they save money on their utilities. More importantly, they will help save the environment, pay huge property taxes, and help The Caring House Foundation provide food, water, and houses for the less fortunate.


Frank explains the water wall which will flood the entry floor. A glass walkway will span the space connecting the Main Bedroom Suite with the Great Room.



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