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Green Remodeling

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Americans will spend close to two billion dollars on home remodeling projects this year. Few home owners will consider preservation of natural resources when they choose building materials for their home makeovers.

If you're planning a home remodeling project, think about environmentally friendly ways to upgrade your home. Use "green design," up-to-date technology, and recycled or earth-conscious building materials.

You can achieve a better quality of life while being kind to the universe, without spending more money on your home improvement projects. Although some improvements designed with the environment in mind cost more, they generally cost less to operate in energy costs. Plus, the use of recycled building materials saves money. If you balance out the costs, green design home remodeling projects don't need to cost more than traditional remodeling projects.

Besides being kind to the environment, homes remodeled with green design benefit home owners with:

bulletReduced energy expenses
bulletReduced maintenance costs
bulletSafe indoor air quality for improved health and comfort
bulletFuture marketing appeal to home buyers for quicker, top-dollar sales

Here are a few Green Remodeling ideas to select from:

bulletStraw bale construction for additions
bulletFormaldehyde-free insulation
bulletDual-pane windows
bulletQuiet, energy-efficient ventilation
bulletQuiet ceiling and attic fans
bulletEvaporative water air cooling systems
bulletEnergy-efficient heating or radiant in-floor heating
bulletRecycled wood floors, doors, and paneling
bulletBamboo, cork, and farmed-wood flooring
bulletCarpeting made from recycled plastic
bulletRecycled glass tile
bulletSalvaged stained-glass windows
bulletWater efficient faucets, shower heads, and toilets
bulletEfficient hot water heaters and kitchen appliances
bulletNon-toxic caulk and paints
bulletLow-voltage lighting systems

Larger rooms and homes use more energy, take more time to clean, and cost more money. Consider the value of smaller spaces and splurge on high-quality home furnishings to feather your nest.


American homes, larger than homes throughout the world, do not make people happier. Take inspiration from this bamboo home with a thatched roof and design your home to appreciate the natural setting.



Be kind to yourself, those you share your home with, and the environment. Use green remodeling concepts when you choose your building supplies and enjoy life.

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