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4. Environmental Psychology: Your Life in Harmony with the Outdoors

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Make time to commune with nature. People who connect spiritually with nature feel grounded to the earth.

"Create balance and healing by deepening your relationship with Nature."  
- Marlow Shami,  Natural Sense


Landscape Plan - First Step
Mistakes can add thousands of dollars to your landscaping project. That's why creating a landscape plan is an important first step before you begin.
Landscape Plan

Landscape Plan - Should You Plan for a Year?
It may be a good idea to wait for an entire year before you start your remodeling project, so you can keep a seasonal diary of what you like and dislike.
Landscape Plan for a Year

Landscape Plan - Consider Your Family's Lifestyle
If you've been considering changing you're home's landscaping, don't forget to consider your family's lifestyle as you create your initial plans.
Landscape Plan for Lifestyle

Are You Sure You Want a Lawn?
Glorious, green grass. Roll in it. Play on it. Mow it. Lawns may look fabulous, but they use too much water and power lawn mowers, edgers, and blowers emit pollutants into our air. Because I know it's futile to expect everyone to plant draught resistant plants, here are a few lawn care tips.

Create a Great Water Garden
Connect with nature in your private water garden. Like all gardens, water gardens require a certain amount of care, but the results can give you years of pleasure. Water Gardens

Woodland Gardens Provide Joy with Minimal Effort and Expense
A woodland garden may be just what you're looking for if you don't have the time, talent, and money to establish and maintain a more "traditional" garden.
Woodland Gardens

Connect with Nature: Bring the Outdoors Inside with Plants
There's a lot of talk about green living nowadays, and bringing green plants into your home can be a wonderful decorating idea. You can create lush indoor landscapes relatively easily, without spending a lot of money. Green Living

Plan an Extraordinary Spring Garden by Jeanette Joy Fisher
Now that spring is officially (on the calendar, at least), it's time to think about how to turn your garden from ordinary to extraordinary. Waterwise Xeriscaping

How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard Paradise For Less Than $100
by Matthew C. Keegan
Like many Americans, you may find bird watching to be a fascinating hobby. At the same time, perhaps you wonder how you can attract regular visitors to your yard without busting the bank by purchasing expensive foliage, feeders, and food. Here are some tips toward helping you establish a backyard paradise that is certain to welcome birds without draining your wallet. Bird Watching



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Elaine Wilson's dedication to "helping to heal the earth" led to establishing her company, GardensByDesign with GardensToGo. You too, can have an exquisite barrier to the toxins that surround us. Whether your home is a castle, condo, townhouse, or apartment, Elaine customizes landscapes and gardens with plants selected for harmony, low-maintenance, and low-water usage. No harmful chemicals applied ever and no bulldozers needed!

GardensToGo provides clients with portable, container gardens that "move when you move." Sign up for her free, bi-monthly "Green E-zine" to get valuable tips about organic landscaping: Gardens by Design

5.  Environmental Psychology: Your Responsibility to the Universe

Our next section contains information on alternative power and "off the grid" housing.


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