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Holiday Decorating and Environmental Concerns

 Have you thought about how your holiday decorating affects the environment?

Does your holiday decorating bring you peace, joy, and satisfaction?

Or, do you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and get frustrated?

What can you do about your holiday decorating  to improve your happiness?

The good news, taking action to decorate your home and office  for the holidays, while keeping respect for the environment, makes your workload easier.  Avoid holiday stress with simplicity.

Make a gorgeous framed note on parchment that says: "We love the earth and choose to celebrate with nature."  You don't need to go overboard with holiday decorations.  Don't spend your money foolishly on a lot of cluttering ornamentation.

Bring about holiday cheer with these tips:

bulletChoose a few large holiday decorations to make a bold statement.
bulletToo many small items in a small space tire the eye and overload the brain.
bulletWork with the holiday decorations you already have.
bulletRenew tired ornaments with non-toxic craft paint.
bulletIncrease your office productivity and business prosperity. When people feel happy, they accomplish more. Take a tip from music therapy expert Enicia Fisher: Play easily-recognized soft music without voices. This encourages signing or humming to oneself to fill in the lyrics. 
bulletDecorate with consumable food, like nuts, fresh fruit, and cookies.
bulletDecorate with Mother Nature. Cuttings of evergreens bring respite to tired eyes and fresh aroma to enclosed stale air.

What about cutting down live Christmas trees?


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