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Landscape Plan - First Step

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Landscaping your yard can be an expensive proposition, and making mistakes can add thousands of dollars to your project. That's why creating a landscape plan is an important first step before you begin.

Creating a plan accomplishes a number of things. First, it allows you to visualize your space and to toy with ideas BEFORE you've spent any actual money of materials. There are software programs that can make visualizing your completed project easier.

Creating a landscape plan also allows you to get a feel for how much the project will cost, because once you've decided what elements you want to incorporate into your space, you can begin shopping around and getting prices.

A landscape plan also gives you the opportunity to make an honest assessment of how much of the project you'll be able to do yourself and how much of it will require the help of professionals. This can be a bit humbling, perhaps, to have to admit that there are certain things you're either not capable of doing or are unwilling to do--such as rearranging large amounts of dirt or digging huge hole for a large tree or shrub.

If you're planning to add a water element to the landscaping project, there may be many things to consider, including whether or not you'll need permits for water or electricity before you begin. If the water element is to be of any size, such as a fair-sized pond, you may need to hire someone to dig out the pond area and haul away the excess dirt.

All of these questions can be addressed as you create your landscape plan. The plan can be time-consuming, but it can also be a great deal of fun, because you can play with various elements and ideas BEFORE you spend any real money. You can rearrange things, try new ideas, and let your imagination run wild--all on paper or in your computer.

As you work with your landscape plan, you'll also be able to get a feel for how much time the project will take--whether you decide to tackle the entire project yourself, hire a contractor to do it, or a combination of the two. Again, landscaping mistakes can be very costly, in both time and money, so spend enough time to create your landscape plan in as much detail as possible.

Landscape Plan for a Year


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