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Landscape Plan - Should You Plan for a Year?

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Tips for Creating a Landscape Plan

When designing a new landscape for your home, the first step is to create a great plan. If that feels like a daunting task, here are a few tips on how to go about creating a plan for your new landscaping project.

First, look at the space you plan to change with a critical eye. What is there already? Are there elements that you like well enough to keep? If so, how can you work with them so they will fit into the newly landscaped architecture? If it all needs to go, will you be sculpting the actual ground or will you just be adding things to the topography as it currently stands?

Think about how the space will look as the seasons progress. If you live in the house fulltime, will the new landscaping look good at all times of the year? Perhaps you're not at that particular house year round, and only care if the space looks good in the summer, for instance. In that case, you'll want to consider what the space will look like while you're there.

If you will be looking at the space all year, will there be things about the new landscaping that will bother you at certain times of the year, such as having deciduous trees bare all winter? If you want color all year, you may want to add evergreens or shrubs with colored branches.

After you've thought about those factors, make a list of the things you'd really like to change and those you'd like to keep. It may even be a good idea to wait for an entire year before you start your remodeling project, so you can keep a diary of what you like and dislike throughout each season. It means postponing the project, but if you're planning to keep your new landscaping for many years after it's completed, it may pay off handsomely, because it will allow you to get a feel for what already pleases and displeases you about what's already in place.

Although it's a step that's often skipped by homeowners, spending the time to create a well-conceived landscaping plan can make the difference between getting a new space that makes life more pleasant and having to redo the entire project because it really wasn't what you wanted. Mistakes can be costly--both in terms of money and in the enjoyment of your home. Take the time to plan carefully and you'll be able to enjoy your new landscaping project for many years to come.

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