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Ways to Save Gas

Do you want to save money on gasoline or protest the escalating prices? Join our easy protest. 

Invitation from Jeanette Joy Fisher

Just Stay Home Campaign

If you're like millions of Americans, you're tired of paying higher prices for gasoline. Some suggestions on how to fight back have been floating around emails, articles, and forum posts. Ways to battle high gas prices vary from protests like buying only $10 worth of gasoline at a time to turning your car into a bio diesel machine.

The $10 gas purchase limit assumes that gas stations won't buy as much gasoline and in turn the distributors won't buy as much and this protest will affect the price of gasoline because there won't be such a high demand. However, even if this protest would work, like it did years ago in protest to egg prices, most people will not buy only $10 worth of gas because they just need more than that per day. And, even though many cars can be converted to bio diesel, many more people would need to understand the steps to take and be willing to modify their vehicles.

Here is one realistic way for you to save money spent on gasoline:

Just Stay Home

Before you run out to pick up one item you think you need or want, stop and think: do you really need it? Think of all the time you will save when you do multiple errands at one time. Just stay home.

Californians and many who live in moderate climates find it too easy to hop into their vehicles and run down to the local convenience store. Next time you think about running out to the store for one item, just stay home.

Busy families used to go out to eat; they still do. But then it got to be so easy to send their teenager out for fast food. When the fast food got tiresome, they switched to restaurant food to go, waiting in long lines of cars. Plan your meals ahead of time. Cook and freeze double dinners. Just stay home.

Instead of going out for entertainment, have a good conversation, read a book, or watch an uplifting romantic comedy. Just stay home.

Take a vacation at home. Treat yourself like a guest and enjoy your home. Turn the phone off if necessary. Remind yourself that you're on vacation and only do whatever pleases you. Just stay home.

Employers: can your employees do some of their tasks at home? Think about those who already take work home with them and get it done. Let them take one day a week or one day a month to just stay home and work.

Choose one day a week and just stay home.

If you have more ideas about how to stay home and save gas, please contact me so I can add your comments.

Join our grass roots campaign. Just enter your name and email below. Don't worry about getting a lot of email from me, I'm too busy. I'll let you know in a month or two how many signed up and occasionally pass along any worthwhile ideas that come along.

Receive a PDF report, "American's Fight Back - Ways to Save Gas"

Thank you.

Jeanette Fisher

Yes, Jeanette, add my name to the "Just Stay Home" Campaign and send me periodic updates. I understand that I can cancel email service at any time and my name will not be shared with anyone or any business.

Note to Jeanette

Copyright 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

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