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1. Environmental Psychology: The Company You Keep




How do the people around you make you feel?

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Do your friends, family, and co-workers support your happiness?

Surround yourself with friends who have uplifting attitudes instead of negative vibrations. Don't get into discussions that beg for sympathy or "poor me" competitions.

Friends come and go, but you're stuck with your family. Encourage your family to let go of negativity and help family members to rise above frustrations and to share the love of the universe.

Competition in the work place drives performance. When you excel, you feel great. On the other hand, when you get edged out by another employee, you feel powerless and insignificant. For peak performance, you need to feel good about your work environment, including co-workers.  Examine how you feel in your workplace and decide if you need to make a change for your happiness.

Encircle yourself in a protecting aura of joy, encouragement, and love. Your vibrations will emanate to those around you.

Copyright 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

2. Environmental Psychology: Your Home Life in Nourishing Spaces



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