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Shape Your Environment for Happiness!


3. Environmental Psychology: Your Business Life

Set in motion changes to your business environment to encourage communication, productivity, and personal satisfaction.

Besides the people surrounding you, make changes in your attitude and  your physical  environment.

Guard your thinking and allow positive thoughts to control your life.



Be a kind business neighbor! Build a sound wall.

This LSE Sound Wall was designed to abate noise emanating from a large commercial hvac system.


Picture of sound wall designed to abate commercial hvac noise.

Consider Green Building for Your Business
Consider green building for your business. The market for buildings that incorporate alternative energy and conservation techniques will increase. Green Building

Home Builders Respond to Green Demand
Going green no longer means geodesic domes or strange-looking houses, owned by staunch environmentalists. Green has become more and more mainstream over the past several decades, until a sizable number of new homes contain at least some green features. Green Building Demand

Connect to Nature Indoors with Green Plants

Houseplants are natural air filters, and can remove up to 70 percent of indoor air pollutants. Plants such as English Ivy, scheffleras, spider plants, and philodendrons absorb large also quantities of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. The most effective plants at removing air pollution are spider plants, pot mums, snake plants, and aloe vera. They're so effective, in fact, that environmental scientists recommend one plant per 100 square feet in your home and office.

Houseplants can be soothing because of their visual impact. Besides being naturally appealing, interior plants can make you feel cooler on hot days, especially when they move softly in the breeze from a ceiling fan.

Recent Research about Stress Relief with Plants

Using Design Psychology in your office increases both happiness and productivity. See Design Psychology Tips for Your Office.

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Picture of office overlooking nature.









4. Environmental Psychology: Your Life in Harmony with the Outdoors


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