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Shape Your Environment for Happiness!


2. Environmental Psychology: Your Home Life in Nourishing Spaces

Does your home environment make you happy?

Create a nurturing home that revitalizes, refreshes, and renews.

Whether you want spaces for festive gatherings or personal rest, think on these "S" words for inspiration:

Safety, security, shelter, sanctuary, serenity, salubrious*,

sustaining, satisfying,  strengthening,

savory, spicy, succulent, sweet,  salutary, sensuous, sexy,  

and sunlight.

*sa·lu·bri·ous (s-lbr-s)
adj.  Conducive or favorable to health or well-being

 Articles on Home Environment by Jeanette Fisher

Green Building Homeowners Happy Green Building

Fight Household Allergens
It can be a frustrating experience, but you can win the battle against allergens in your home if you're willing to put forth the effort. Household Allergens

Let the sunshine in your home!
Just like plants need sunlight, so does your home. Even if you don't know anything about CR, you're familiar with its effects. Circadian Rhythm - Nature's Alarm Clock

Do you shop for "organic certified" produce?
Some organic produce enthusiasts are cheering about its increasingly widespread availability. They say it's about time that huge retailers have begun to add organic products to their shelves. Isn't that good news for advocates of healthier food?
Organic Certification

USDA established guidelines for gaining organic certification, but various ambiguous areas continue to confuse consumers. What does Organic really Mean?
Organic Food Certification

Healthy Homes?
Although Americans spend nearly 40 billion dollars a year on lawn upkeep, the fact is that they actually spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. It may be an interesting paradox, but all that time spent indoors increases their chances of being injured or made sick by the various health hazards that exist in many American homes. Healthy Homes

Outdoor Paradise
Southern California's continue to live outdoors and a complete outside kitchen offers a grand place to entertain.
Outdoor Kitchens

Dining Alfresco    How about your own backyard stage?

Green Remodeling
Americans will spend close to two billion dollars on home remodeling projects this year. Few home owners will consider preservation of natural resources when they choose building materials for their home makeovers.

Environmental Design Psychology Ideas for Homemakers Innovative interior design trends blend nature-based details and ecology concerns along with the residents' emotional well-being.

Gathering Spaces

Environmental Issue: Wood Burning Fireplaces
Be kind to yourself and to the environment. Consider these environmental issues when you light up your fire.

Make your Main Bedroom a Sensuous Retreat or a Personal Sanctuary

Holiday Decorating with Environmental Issues
Avoid holiday stress by decorating with environmentally-friendly interior design ideas.
What about cutting down live Christmas trees?

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3. Environmental Psychology: Your Business Life

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